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  • I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist
  • Part 4/5
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    some work in progress of sehun, kitty baek and baekyeol n_n… i will probably livestream chanbaek tomorrow n_n

    byeoln asked:
    baekyeol (◠‿◠✿)
    byeolks replied:

    this is for the anon who also asked for chanbaek!!!

    send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

    • makes the bed in the mornings chanyeol. baekhyun usually can’t get up in the morning due to some..soreness. /snorts/ nice going chanyeol. 
    • has sole possession of the T.V. remote baekhyun, assuming they watch the tv at all. usually they’re preoccupied with other things, like each other. (Unless Kim soo hyun is on tv..then chanyeol is basically single for about 45 minutes as baekhyun squeals over every movement the alien makes ;- ))) ) 
    • stays up until 2am reading baekhyun. chanyeol usually ends up falling asleep as baekhyun goes over the more important concepts of derivatives…..but seeing the giant collapsed over a pile of books is really the cutest thing baekhyun’s ever seen, so he lets it slide this one time.
    • is the bigger cuddler they’re both huge on skinship, but it’s usually chanyeol who initiates it. baekhyun still feels embarrassed by the pink blush that settles on his cheeks whenever the giant so much as brushes past him ((damn it hormones keep ur shit together?1!1) 
    • does the laundry baekhyun usually says he’ll do it, but he always falls asleep by the machine, lulled by the peaceful whirring sound as he waits for it to finish late at night..so chanyeol usually finishes up and carries the smaller boy to the bedroom. chanyeol loves laundry days, because they always end with a chaste kiss on baekhyun’s cheek and cuddling in bed next to his cute boyfriend <3
    • mows the lawn chanyeol. baekhyun’s simply too fabulous to even risk breaking a fingernail. 
    • is better at budgeting chanyeol. while he can get by in some jeans and a v neck, baekhyun absolutely has to have the newest edition of eyeliner or that pair of jeans that he saw with sehun at the mall last week (“they make my ass look flawless, yeol. you’ll totally thank me for buying them.”)
    • instigates the sex - both of them. while chanyeol usually controls himself until they’re confined in the comfort of their own home (or sometimes, their friends’ homes,) baekhyun gets it when he wants it, wherever and whenever that may be.
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    goodbye my almost lover, goodbye my hopeless dream.

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